Castle Repercussions- Dec 22nd!

2008-12-18 10:14:17 by Get-lost

Hi all.

Just wanted to let all the NG'ers know the release date for the first part of Castle Repercussions which is December 22nd. I'll post it on my website and later on newgrounds. Hope you'll be there :)

Take care.


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2008-12-18 10:22:46

Thats going to be awesome. Seriously. Glad you almost got it wrapped up Oscar.


2008-12-18 10:24:32

iv wacht the intire sireis and i cant wait to see this one.
your movies are grate.
i hope that in 22nd i will see the movie.


2008-12-18 12:35:41

Wow, I can't believe it's finally gonna come out! FINALLY!


2008-12-18 12:48:27

i'm so excited! i hope it kicks ass oscar because you made us wait sooo long! >:-)


2008-12-18 15:49:40

YES! I've been waiting so long for this...I'm not nervous about whether or not it's going to be good, because your work is always amazing!


2008-12-18 16:39:09

Trust me, I will be there.


2008-12-18 19:43:59



2008-12-18 21:38:13

Love ya Oscar. ;P


2008-12-19 02:19:24

awesome! I've always loved your flash, And im looking froward to castle repercussions, cant wait!


2008-12-19 19:56:56

YES!!! finally i have den SO EXITED FOR THIS!! WOOOT!!!!! XD


2008-12-19 22:53:50

Sweet heyzeus!


2008-12-20 17:30:38

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes for so long all i can say is yes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-12-20 18:50:20

wait, first part? I am Castle fan and i really am excited but are you telling me that the castle series is still gonna continue after Repercussions, or that you cant post a 26 minute movie all in one part?


2008-12-21 03:35:55

i love castle best animations on the internet and better than 95% of whats on tv you go down as one of the flash gods...


2008-12-21 03:40:01

hank vs etrius would be the most epic foght imaginable madness is the SECEND!!!! best series on the internet krinkles has got nothing on you!!!!!!


2008-12-21 20:01:36

Well, I'm most sure to come to NG tomarrow to see that. I've been waiting for so long. I hope it's really good, or atleast good.


2008-12-21 23:31:21

I LOVE YOU OSCAR! AMAZING SERIES! Best Flash series ever! I could kiss you, but i'm not gay -__- GREAT work!


2008-12-21 23:34:37

It's out on deletionquality! The first part is awesome!


2008-12-22 02:56:48

This is somewhat painful. I haven't checked the status on this for months and when I finally decide to check back, it turns out that you had submitted part A to your website about 2-3 hours beforehand. My timing was excruciatingly inconvenient because as much as I want to go and watch it right now, I am going to push myself to wait until you have released all four parts to watch them. I have been a fan for years and I am ecstatic about seeing it. Congratulations on your long awaited release of part A and I thank you for all of your hard work over the past two years.


2008-12-22 04:58:44

I've watched it on your website (I'm lucky that I'm close to your timezone) and it was AWESOME! I hope the next parts will be released soon!


2008-12-22 12:02:18

Great job on Repercussion, hope part two will be out soon!


2008-12-22 12:21:03

When will the next part be out? WHEN!?


2008-12-22 15:43:20

I watched it, it was amazing.

For those of you who did not see it: r/repercussions-a.

I check your site evry day to look for updates.


2008-12-22 16:28:01

Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but that was WELL WORTH THE WAIT. The most cinematic flash series ever created returns!


2008-12-24 18:17:12

Cant wait till there all out man! Im a huge fan of your hard work. Good luck with Castle IV if there really is going to be one(Bet it'll take half a year since your improving animation, sound and 3D effects huh lol)If you take a while on any of your castle work im pretty sure we wont mind its getting hard to think of ideas since theres a third >.> im greatly looking forward to the rest!


2008-12-25 22:27:08

Holy holy HOLY HOLY Shit. I just saw your new movie and it is fantastic.. wo... WOW!!!!!!! Your the best flash artist on Ng period!!1


2008-12-26 10:56:04

great job on part 2!


2008-12-26 20:55:49

omg!!! you know how great this wood be in the theaters as a horror movie? that would be awesome!!!!! 10/10!!!!!


2009-01-01 15:40:50

nice new DP! and can't wait for repercussion (last 2 parts)


2009-01-16 18:06:42

so 4 people survived and 1 is dead that leaves 3
what horrors await plisskin and the others?


2009-01-17 21:04:24

holy shit dude. that was awsome. also (if ray is still alive) he can realy take a punch to the face. i realy want to see how the other parts are


2009-01-19 23:56:29

In comparison, everything else is practically


2009-01-24 17:19:21

holy shi-... i can't wait!! you're awesome man


2009-01-28 07:41:11

I've been checking on Castle Repercussion's progress for a while, but just yesterday I noticed parts A and B were actually on your site. I've watched them both, the second one twice.

I believe you may have even surpassed the incredible brilliance that is Castle III. Everything is so... perfectly... professionally done. I'm in awe simply by the graphics most of the time, and the story just keeps getting thicker and we learn more about the castles.

Castle is, and will continue to be, the greatest series in existence.


2009-02-06 11:16:38

well, i have watched the castle series loads. I checked the link to your site for the 2 new episodes and it paused me right at the beginning at the video and said "STOLEN! you will now be re-directed to" and i go there and i still cant watch the vid!! i was like wtf! can any1 plz tell me wtf is going on?!?!?!


2009-03-07 17:37:18

when are you gonna submit it one newgrounds!!!!

i wanna have them in my favs!!!!


2009-03-09 19:12:45

In,I watched Castle Repercuissions A and B.Nice but short.I cannot wait to see the next two.


2009-03-14 12:43:11

It's been like 2 months! Why haven't you released it on newgrounds?