Castle Repercussions Part D is out

2009-08-28 09:32:39 by Get-lost

Hey Newgrounds.

I've finally completed the last part of Castle Repercussions and it's been uploaded to the portal. Find it here:

Let me know your thoughts. Also, for everyone who didn't knew, my site had a major makeover. Feel free to check it out and maybe register for the forums -


Castle Repercussions Part D is out


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2009-08-28 09:51:35

A great series Ozcar! I love the new layout of the site! Well done man! Keep it up!


2009-08-28 10:09:56

The whole Castle Repercussions season was epic. You've really outdone yourself.


2009-08-28 10:50:22

Amazing work Oscar, keep it up


2009-08-28 13:16:31

and are you going to make castle 4?


2009-08-28 13:30:08

Damn. Didn't u get any job offers with those animating skills?


2009-08-28 14:41:49

Damn. I referred to this as E in my review.


2009-08-28 16:11:18

kul att hitta nån svensk ! men du fick mig att kolla på alla caste avsnitten. alla lika grymma och man längtar ju till fortsättningen :) (akta dig för min profil) jag bara varnar... :P


2009-08-28 20:43:58

Oh I loved it. Giant black clouds and massive dragon was quite unexpected. A wonderful way to end the Repercussions.

How long did all of the Repercussions parts end up being total? I know around a half-hour but I'm not sure exactly.

Get-lost responds:

Thanks dude. I'm not sure I haven't checked the full length, but I assume somewhere over 30 minutes.


2009-08-29 08:37:18

I want your babies

Get-lost responds:



2009-08-29 16:44:28

Awesome job, seriously you got movie talent. The ending is awesome and I'm still guessing about what will happen next. Keep it up, and I can't wait for the next one.

Get-lost responds:

Thank you.


2009-08-29 17:13:14

Totally loved it, awesome animation!

Get-lost responds:

Thanks a lot.


2009-08-30 21:44:35

best part about this repercussions thing is that your showing the soldiers as kinda bad asses too while in other flashes n stuff the soldiers are just cannon fodder but here the eliteteam arent the only ones who can fight

Get-lost responds:

Know what you mean, nice to know you like that.


2009-08-31 01:42:51

ok i know you make more ps the soldiers are good like ray his one mullins and that ohter wich boomer
ps why is etrius away??

Get-lost responds:

We'll have to wait and see.


2009-08-31 03:21:34

As Always dude most awsomest shit ever made and known to newgrounders hope to see new episode popping up soon dude

Get-lost responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. It will take a while I'm afraid, but I won't give up and sometime you'll probably enjoy watching the final part :)


2009-08-31 12:02:41

um ok its the end guys i 1st saw this on stick said the one to end them all! or something like that.

Get-lost responds:

It's not the end.


2009-09-01 14:51:01

Serien kan ju inte va slut du kan ju inte sluta skiten me "find it"
+ att den e för bra, draken måste få en förklaring och "???" måste visa sig.
ooch etrius då? det måste vi få veta, vart fan han drog.
hela skiten e öppen asså om du slutar nu får du massa skit och ja menar massa xD
iof vet ja ej om du ska sluta så allt detta kanske e meningslöst

Get-lost responds:

It's not the final part.


2009-09-01 19:05:41

Just to clear up a misconception, if he releases a new castle, it would be castle 5, not 4,

On another note I'm hoping if/when 5 comes out we will find out exactly what happened to Loyd, and Etrius.

Get-lost responds:


I felt I had to correct you on this. It would be the fifth installment in the series that's right, but I will name it Castle IV. Repercussions should be seen as Castle III and a half. It will be the last part and will solve any remaining questions. :)



2009-09-03 19:23:09

Simply put.

Get-lost responds:



2009-09-04 07:25:54

I cannot wait to see yout next castle episode, these flashes are so fucking awesome.

Get-lost responds:

It'll take a while, but I hope it will be worth it. Thanks


2009-09-05 09:01:21

All your animations are ridiculously AMAZING. Put all of the castle bits together and make a film, lol

Get-lost responds:

Thanks. Been thinking of it, might be something I do when all parts are finished :)


2009-09-05 16:46:53

Tjis movie is so with the status with AWESOMENESS,AWESOMENESS PART 2,AWESOMENESS PART 3,most of all,AWESOME MOVIE DUDE!
You made this so exciting movies dude.Once you completed the whole Castle 3 try to put them all together and burn it with a CD,then make a comurshal and then sell it.You can also make lots of money doing that.Oh ya at part D1 Mullins is in 2 places at once.Kind of confusing too.If Mullins is with Ray then i saw Mullins with Boomer.Then Boomer and some other guy or Roberts lost Boomer with the sleeping cretures.Kind of confusing you know.Oh ya one more thing Oscar,(Yea i know this comment is really long but) i saw people saw SECRET WORDS in the 2 parts of the movie.What do they mean anyway? Plz give me 2 or 3 hints plz.

P.s:You should really continue Castle 3 cause of Etrius and Loyd (Did i got Loyd spelled wrong or something? Well,just plz continue with the comment) is still in the 3rd castle,most of all how will they get to the poral if its closed?


(Yes,yes it is,yes,this is a long comment.)


2009-09-05 16:48:17

I mean lost Mullins.Srry!


2009-09-07 15:37:42

u are the best


2009-09-12 00:10:52

You should redo the first two Castles and maybe put in a bit of dialogue; if you want to make a feature-length film, your current first two Castles won't do well at all (although they could be in the Special Features). I'm just disappointed Castle IV will be the last one.

I'm guessing all of the Castles back to back make up about an hour, right?


2009-09-12 14:33:02

How long you made it?


2009-09-17 13:23:32

You have done a truly magnificant job on this one.Castle,Castle Repercussions and Killing spree are the best stick figure action series I have ever seen and no one can do something better than this series.Good luck for the future animations!


2009-09-28 11:31:18

sure i did like castle repercussions but how is the new series coming on
the castle talks


2009-10-10 13:49:58

The castle series is by far the best series on Newgrounds. Keep it up :D


2009-10-10 22:10:08

Are you ever going to make castle downloadable?


2009-10-17 16:18:24

Great job man. I,ve never seen such great stick figure animations. Can't wait for the next part and hope theirs a teaser and it dosen,t take to long to make. After you finish the series you should make a Castle DVD like you did with Wanted, that was cool.


2009-10-23 13:47:25

this is not the end i hope!! you can't leave it on a cliff hanger like that!!


2009-10-23 14:07:06

dint you have set oscar tribute 2 on sickpage
just an ask


2009-11-02 15:54:26

I have some of the mystery so far, I was thinking that after Etrius was shot, the psychic energy must have kept him alive and now he is wandering the castle trying to find survivors of the Castle and finds out the General and the others come back to find the energy, and that is all I got so far.

You rock!


2009-11-19 16:06:48

the ending was AWESOME!!!!!! will you make more?


2009-11-24 17:38:10

Your serie rules man. Castle 4 is comming in 2011 or 2012??


2009-12-01 13:18:18

Not sure if you check these anymore Oscar, but if you do i would like to ask you something.


2009-12-06 21:33:04

You've beyond outdone yourself! Amazing job :)
The black cloud looked like that thing from Lost.


2009-12-10 12:47:26

Man, I wish this was a FPS... would love to have it on Steam...

Anyway, your work is fantastic, keep it up!

PS. Any plans on introducing any female charcters?


2010-01-22 14:12:01

hey oscar a guy i know from my school is stealing your ideas and he is putting it to his school work and 50 school people say he has a brilliant mind BUT HE HASNT GOT THE BRILLIANT MIND ITS YOU! YOU! YOU!


2010-02-08 06:21:40

Dude i want to see Castle IV and keep up the good work and Killing spree sucks the bucket and Castle series rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-02-19 17:38:05

how did you make these stick look so good? and any tips for some one that is trying to come up with a good idea? yours truly, darksoul42.


2010-02-21 13:58:18

well this is the best of the best. you rock dude!!!


2010-03-01 20:09:57

I just HAD to comment I love your flashed and- shit I was just ABSORBED into the TV I forgot what I was gona say I was gona say well I guess I gotta improvise I LOVE YOUR FLASHES ONLY YOU AND- um I think it was devilsheep can make stick figures look this cool love it.Espescaily castle.


2010-03-20 18:09:03

Hi oscar
really love the castle series, and I saw all the castle and totally love them, I go crazy for the castle series, the castle series are sensational and amazing
I'm good
till then, and besides I am also enroll in DQ


2010-03-23 13:33:58

shahryar89 thanks for the tip of making a stickman


2010-03-23 14:54:00

Best flashes ever!!! You have to continue the story what happens to Etrius Because he cant die. but ye keep up the good work man !!!


2010-03-30 06:46:21

Go on your iphone/ipod touch and go to the app store and search for "Zombie Castle" and installe it for $1 and castle series is in "Zombie Castle" app... enjoy...


2010-04-02 10:39:52

whoa first comment in months and im the 50th! make castle repercussions 2-A lets just say deeper in the castle survivors is trying to get out but they are traped
can you put my name in it like batboy or tran


2010-06-06 11:15:20

i thought youd continue this i bet you could its such an awesome series but w/e id just love to see more


2010-06-21 06:16:41

Oscar can u see this video? Its a game in its Epic its goin 3D and its an MMORPG with zombies if your bored maybe we can meet somewhere in the zombie infested city but still its in beta form =( but 3D is comin out for all non members at July 1st Try it guys its epic. See this vid 1st at ivLAY