Mullins artwork.

2010-11-21 11:17:59 by Get-lost

Hi all,

Just posting a small update to tell I made some artwork :) Hope you like it.



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2010-11-21 12:17:41

Great artwork you have there, you just need 4 more in order to be scouted. Thems the rules.

Get-lost responds:

Thanks. It's all up now.


2010-11-21 12:28:46

all you swedes look the fuckin' same.

Get-lost responds:

I wouldn't agree on that.


2010-11-21 13:08:21

Amazing!! But You need 4 Art Submissions before you can get scouted. I desire to be your art scouter! :D

Get-lost responds:

Thanks. I missed that out, but fixed now :)


2010-11-21 13:13:26

You need moar art but I recommended you

Get-lost responds:



2010-11-21 13:15:39

Du behöver minst 4 saker i Art Portalen innan du kan bli scoutad men den var jävligt bra!

Get-lost responds:

Thanks. It's up now!


2010-11-21 13:30:43

you forgot about rule one

Get-lost responds:

So it seems. :/


2010-11-21 13:41:42

[What everyone else said about having four pieces of artwork.]

Looks wonderful though.

Get-lost responds:

Thanks a lot.


2010-11-21 14:20:57

Something something something 4 artworks something something scout!

Get-lost responds:

Something something fixed.


2010-11-21 16:03:30

use your frontpage postiing to ask to be scouted, i cant remember what mindchamber said when yourix did that


2010-11-24 15:16:11

Just keep climbing up that ladder to fame and fortune man :P


2010-12-05 19:00:17

hey. great art bro. Any progress, work done, updates, anything on castle? Pm me if needed.


2011-01-12 22:43:52

what happen after castle Rep- D2?


2011-01-20 12:16:04

i would love to see more of the castle series even it went on dvd i would buy it


2011-01-24 19:32:02

u now since ur experients of movie u retire of making movies then go off to making art well I wish u could make more castle series like zombies attacking the city or Etrius comes back alive to haunt back the general well I wish u could make those but ur great of making art so yeah I love it thanks for the movies.


2011-02-05 21:09:03

nice artwork but would you mind if i annoy you about those castle videos you used to make? they seemed like a great series dont shoot me if this pisses you off plz >.>


2011-02-27 13:38:04

you rock! I love you! I love the castle series!


2011-03-06 12:45:42

hey! i loved the piece its now my backround and i have to ask is there going to be anymore castle? theres just so many unanswered questions


2011-03-22 20:55:28

hey Oscar! have you started back on castle yet? im desperate to see whta gunna happen in the next episodes if you choose to make them. love the art work on mullins btw. mullins is my favorite character aside from etrius. so looking to see how you doing with castle! i hope for a reply! pm me if you wish! best of luck


2011-05-31 16:46:25

for god sake finish Repercussions the middle is not red it is for lloyd


2011-07-01 01:00:50

Hey dude i like the castle series but i you going to finish it? Cause im excited to se what is going on and are the guys from castle reprocussions going to kill the general or is the general gonna tell them their buddy went insane? Cause i dont know whats going to happen. Oh and happy Bday (i dont know when your Bday is but i should do good enough) Good luck!


2011-07-13 23:29:30

I'm still waiting for Wanted 7.


2011-07-31 02:56:24

I doubt if Oscar even comes on newgrounds anymore...

But I am also hoping for a wanted 7.


2012-05-19 12:05:45

Please Say something about the series (castle)!!!


2012-09-04 20:17:38

is he even active anymore?


2012-09-04 20:17:38

is he even active anymore?


2012-10-07 13:06:55

Oscar is busy on his DeletionQuality Website and he said Castle 4 will be in the upcoming section or home page news section when the time comes. It's been 3 years since Castle Repercussions D2 was released. Man that must be a very long break. Or maybe he is already making Castle 4 with four parts, because it said it took him two years to make Castle 3 and the prologue. So maybe Castle 4 will be released soon or in 2013. PLEASE I WANT CASTLE 4!!!!!!!