Castle Repercussions - Teaser

2007-12-11 15:57:55 by Get-lost

Hey again.

I just released the Castle Repercussions - Teaser. The full name didn't fit so I had to short it out with TSR in the end, hope people will understand anyways. That's all for now really :)



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2007-12-11 17:05:01

this was awesome, but i wanna know what happens to ETRIUS. i really hope you include him in this series but it will be awesome amyways.


2007-12-11 17:16:55

I saw a lot of that soldier you mentioned in the trailer, and I'm pretty sure you said his story wasn't going to be the only one told in Repercussions. I'm just wondering when they might be revealed.

Nonetheless, your work looks absolutely PERFECT, as always. I can't wait to see the rest!


2007-12-11 17:18:29

*'they might be revealed' was referring to the rest of the characters' stories.

Just making that clear =)


2007-12-11 18:05:45

Saw it at your site.Awesome (Y)


2007-12-11 18:20:41

ive just saw that trailer. i just cant wait. this series is awsome


2007-12-11 23:07:28

Worth waiting till 2008 XDD
Keep it up man!!~ \m/^_^\m/


2007-12-12 05:38:25

wow. the trailer kicked ass!

cant wait :D


2007-12-12 11:13:04

i hope we didnt make you think it was a bad idea makin it with all the rampant tearing apart :s we just want answers xD


2007-12-12 18:28:24

wow.... was awesome


2007-12-14 00:35:07

i wish you had made the teaser more clear, would have made it more enjoyable. and do you have an approximate date that castle e will be finished?


2007-12-14 09:54:41

the story of castle is awesome,if it was you who created the whole story it was very nice,if wasn't you the way you put the dude's idea on the flash was more than just have ability and talent and ur idea or flash was and still and will be awesome until the world
love in a not gay way rod


2007-12-14 21:23:22

I hope you go and add what happend to lloyd and the others please do


2007-12-15 19:23:24

any chance of a castle movie? on dvd?


2007-12-18 17:58:36

That Soldier is someone special.
i dont wanna ruin it tho. and oscar if u read this im sorry i couldnt log on to DQ. its not letting me. ill try to figure out what happens more.


2007-12-18 21:52:31

I must say, the detail is pretty phenominal throughout the series. You're a bit of an inspiration to me, really.


2007-12-27 11:59:14

the soldier is special and you dont want to ruin it? his name is ray, and that was the first thing oscar announced when he started castle repercussions, some secret :3


2007-12-30 18:37:00

Hey Oscar, I have some serious music if you care to put some of it in your Flash. I would be honored. =P Reply please. (By contacting me) n/110320 n/113737 n/108396 (Maybe...) n/112377

That is all I have to offer... oh well. =) If you think I am capable of making some really good serious music, then I will gladly work extremley hard on making one.

Get-lost responds:

Hey. Nice music, but it's already being done by someone else. Thanks for asking though


2008-01-02 13:57:38

I wish i knew about the teaser sooner man. I love all ur work.
i'm gonna go watch it now.


2008-01-04 03:05:37

Its gunna be good!


2008-01-07 02:44:11

grymt jag måste medje att det var en av de bästa man sett som TSR allstå men jag hoppas att filmen också toppar min lista! :D
bra jobbat!


2008-01-11 14:18:38



2008-01-14 19:31:20

i get the tsr thing was ok


2008-01-23 20:31:47

Awsome! I had my mom who is 47 watch all of them and she said it was so awsome. I can't wait till it's come out! yay


2008-01-25 19:08:55

keep up the spiffy work dude. :3 I enjoy your movies.


2008-01-27 21:22:02

I literally gasped when I saw the progress for Repercussions went up to 70%. It's going to be AMAZING!!


2008-01-29 23:57:47

will there be a ng alpha?


2008-02-17 06:15:27

Finaly after an year of wating castle4 is coming, its taking a long time but im whith you, good luck greatest stickmaster of them all.


2008-02-21 02:54:54

Im dieing from mental illness i need the episode of castle to make me feel non better ness rawr i eat things for things anyway me speak normal now wen u finish make the flash i hope it good :3


2008-03-01 14:30:48

when is part e or the final one is gonna cmon out
im anxious rite now


2008-03-03 20:37:32

Keep up the good work man. Love what you've done to the stick figures it's a whole other level.


2008-03-06 14:55:47

Ya man, I agree with ERGVOT, it'll be sweet if Etrius is in it cuz he kicks ass, but even without him this series puts all other stick figure animations in the dust.


2008-03-09 14:50:54

Dude when are you going to be finished with the next Castle? I am completely hooked.


2008-03-14 21:59:38

According to the site, it says you will split Castle Repercussions into two parts, and each part will be split into two sections...
So would that be like, "Part A-1" and "Part A-2," or would it be Parts A-D like Castle III? I found that to be a bit confusing.


2008-03-16 22:36:32

dude the castle series kicked ass! my only question is WTF happened to Etrius?
will he and that soldier dude make it out? did he survive ONLY because of the ancient powers? this is such a huge cliff hanger!

anyway i LOVE your work! you and your teem! and if you want any art work i am a decient artist... your stuff is awesome!
-DiAmOnD595 Aka, Ed-


2008-03-20 04:51:22



2008-03-22 15:31:09

shouldnt of typed it in caps people are going to thing it stands for some thing allso w00t!!! omg i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111one11113532 cat7627346uytwefjgfhjvfdsb =P


2008-03-25 15:47:40

can you tell the castle fens the date of the part a pls


2008-03-25 16:19:52

This was so awesome and i know your working hard but cmon!! i cant wait for the next episode!


2008-03-28 11:52:39

ok after watching it about 100 times this is what i have found out ray (the dude that we see all throw it) finds a smell shiny thing yey shiny allso hes not alone the guy with the sword is there to allso a pilot and poserble boomer and the others but i didnt see them throw i think thay were the ones covering up the dead body cos thats were thay left off at the end ofthe last episode (looking down at a dead body saying "oh my god") allso the is a bew zombie thay have weird eyes and look sad allso ray dosent die cos it starts off him wakeing up from being thrown into a wall so he cant really die there cos then the would be no episode would there? allso i got this one sence were he gets stuck in a hall way but the door is locked he gets throw it (somehow) and gets into this big room were loads of zombies come to try and kill him allso he shoots alot of them and thats really it


2008-03-28 11:53:59

sorry about the smell typeing errors =P


2008-03-28 11:55:50

i really got to stop typeing so fast


2008-04-05 04:48:00

new post please


2008-04-12 03:56:12

Hey oscar really love the series checked ur web again and it went up to 75% awesome but anyway i was hoping u could tell me wen it gets released bcos im neva realli on the web that much so.. yea email me at


2008-04-22 02:39:11

well you could hurry up with the real thing p.s castle 3 part c is my fav lol


2008-04-22 02:41:08

it is so easy to tell who the other guy is gonna be in repurcussions but no spoilers cuz i think everyone knows lol


2008-04-24 08:14:21

Etruis has to come back doesn't he? i mean he's the main character and hold the power of the ancients he can't die that easily can he? man i can't wai for repercussions to come out.


2008-04-25 10:45:26

Well I have washed the trailer and I was amused on how many improvements you have done with it.

It looks more darker and seems like it's going to be a rough ride for him.

Is Boomer expected to be here? You kinda left us hanging there with Castle III PART D except with the extra scene at the end of the credits.


2008-04-25 17:30:04

so is that the guy that was bashed on the wall becuz of the strong guy


2008-05-04 07:31:26



2008-05-28 16:45:34

Hey, Absolutley the best stick animation i've seen! great work. So far i've seen all of the castle series so far including the prologe. in my opinion dude, this could be made into a real movie for sure!