Castle art competition

2012-12-14 07:47:47 by Get-lost

Hey guys,

Edit: Time is up. Winner can be found here: /13415?p=332509

I haven't updated my profile in like forever. I'll get to the point :-) If you're a Castle fan and feeling artsy, perhaps you might want to join in on the Castle art competition currently running on my website: /13401-Castle-art-competition!-(DeviantArt-only)

Until next time!


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2013-01-02 21:59:46

I hope this hints the return of the Castle series, after all, it was left in a cliffhanger...


2013-01-24 09:48:04

Hey dude it's been like almost 4 exact years since Repercussions D was released. Well just take your time of making Castle 4. I really can't wait for it! YOUR THE BEST!


2013-06-28 09:09:11

bro, i just watched all of your castle series, and i have to say: god damn it! it was awesome! especially castle 3 and castle repercussions got me. you made such an intense and emotional (and cool as well as brutal ^^) out of a simple story. great work man! hopefully you won't stop this project. besides i can see a fucking awesome game out of this serie too.

oh, and mullins's fucking kickass ;D


2013-08-22 01:40:33

Been waiting for the new Castle for years now. Please, please, please, DO NOT rush things! I sincerely want this to be mega awesome. Like sharhryar said, it's been almost four years, and I know the wait is definitely going to be worth it. I just happened to come by today to re-watch the series and saw this, and all I can do is hope that you put your best work into this. My brother is a huge fan too, and he'd want the same. I want to be able to run into his room and shout "THE NEW CASTLE IS OUT!" and when we watch it, the awesomeness probably explodes my entire town.
Please man, make this a good one! Cheers!


2014-10-23 19:23:59

If you don't ever finish Castle I will die on the inside forever.